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Sylvania Residence

We have been collaborating with this family over a number of years as their project has evolved. We started around 6 years ago with some simple styling and now having just completed the kitchen renovation along with bedrooms, living areas, cocktail bars and the dining its finally time to share some beautiful photos. Even though the kitchen was one of the last areas to go into this design, it ties everything together beautifully with the bold black, white and gold scheme. You notice these colours throughout the home with a few pops of colour.

We used rich blue velvet in the dining chairs with gold studs, which complements the fabulous artwork. The deep blues are also used in the upstairs living areas and reflected in the bay view beyond.

Downstairs the small bar/entertaining lounge carries the black, white and gold but adds some beautiful blush accents to soften the scheme.

This is a much-loved family home that has seen a huge transformation over the years. We are so grateful to have been involved in this project with such a gorgeous family.

Joinery throughout is courtesy of Robert Murdocca from InVogue Kitchens and Joinery. Beautiful photos by Daniella Stein of Daniella Photography.

Jodie Carter