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Process & Cost

Jodie Carter reading a design book

Every client wants to know how much it will cost to hire an interior designer and work through an entire project. This is understandable, whether you have $1 million to spend on a project or $100,000. All of our projects commence with a 2-hour on-site working meeting billed at $900.00.

During the consultation, it’s important to review the scope of work. Jodie, our Principal Designer, can answer your questions as you work through the home room by room. She’ll use these answers to create a scope of work which will launch the project effectively.

This scope will also give us an estimate of the time needed to produce your design, which we will discuss with you at the consultation. We bill an hourly rate on a sliding scale dependent on the tasks underway. Our Principal Designer currently bills $325.00 per hour.*

*Subject to change without notice

In our office, we keep detailed records and timesheets of all hours for all projects. This is valuable information that helps us give you an accurate idea of what costs are to be expected.

As we share any design discounts with our clients, we find in many cases the savings on discounts amount to approximately 60-75% of total design fees.

Our Design Team is committed to giving you an exceptional experience and outstanding results guaranteed to save you time, money and headaches. How do we do that?

Jodie Carter looking at colour swatchs for interior paint
Jodie Carter design colours and materials for interior design

By following our proven design framework of 15 steps taking us from the initial consultation to the finish line. Right from the very beginning, we plan each project for a successful outcome. Our proven results are seen in our portfolio and reviews.

Our passion for design and helping each client achieve their unique vision for their ideal home and lifestyle, drives us to collaborate with the highest level of trade professionals and design resources. Our experience, expertise, and professionalism allow us to consistently complete projects with the Wow factor, on time and on budget.

Entrust your project to us and I promise we will save you time, money and heartbreak and present you with a home that is more than you ever could have imagined.

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